What's Your Las Vegas Home Worth?

Friday, May 8, 2015

Exclusive Las Vegas Home Buyer Services

As a Las Vegas Real Estate Agent I often get asked about the services I provide for my clients who've decided to buy a home in Las Vegas. Did you know that there are a lot of important factors that go in to purchasing a home in Las Vegas? If just one of those important tasks are compromised no matter how small or minute...it could be the difference between owning the Ls Vegas home you really desire or sadly watching it fall out of escrow. The good news is our track record is impeccable which is, in my opinion, a credit to the detail and focus we put in to each and every Las Vegas real estate transactions.

Here are a few of the things we can do for you if you decide to put me and my team to work and allow me to represent you during your next Las Vegas home or condo purchase:

Step 1 – The Interview Process 
• We get to know one another 
• We discuss your needs, wants, and desires 
• Determine financial ability to buy 
• Establish time frames 
• Explain agency relationships 
Step 2 – Researching Properties 
• All my personal listings 
• All my company listings 
• All listings in the Multiple Listing Service 
• Internet listing services 
• Out of area brokers 
• For sale by owners 
• Various publications 
• Pitch your needs through our office intranet 
Step 3 – Loan Application and Process 
• Complete loan application 
• Complete full credit report 
• Deliver all required documentation to lender for final approval 
Step 4 – Finding the Right Property 
• Preview best qualified properties on your behalf 
• Set showing appointments in advance 
• View best qualified properties together 
• Get feedback from you on each property we view 
• Look and keep looking until we find the home that’s right for you 
Step 5 – Writing the Contract and Legal Documents 
• Extensive knowledge of Real Estate contracts 
• Answer your questions and give you the information you need to decide if the 
property you have chosen is the right one for you 
• Advise you to protect your interests – includes comparative analysis 
• Discuss possible negotiation strategies 
• Ensure a beneficial and legally sound contract 
Step 6 – Negotiations 
• Utilize strong negotiating skills 
• Negotiate based on your needs, wants, and desires 
• Work to get you the best possible price and terms 

Step 7 – Final Acceptance 
• Convey seller’s acceptance 
• Explain the seller’s counter offer 
• Review all seller disclosures 
Step 8 – Handling the Escrow Process 
• Open escrow 
• Coordinate all phases of escrow 
• Keep you on track for all activity during Due Diligence period 
• Assist in completing the loan process 
• Verify compliance with terms of contract 
• Keep in continual contact with other agent, escrow officer, and lender 
• Attend final walk-through with you 
• Arrange for transfer of keys 
Step 9 – Guaranteed Results 
• No cost to you, the buyer 
• If you don’t get your home, I don’t get paid 

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