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Friday, August 26, 2016

Top Sales Agent In July 2016 at Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas

It was a very busy month for us in July 2016 and in fact it's been a very busy year. I was so focused on helping my clients and providing the best service possible that I didn't even realize what I had achieved. This award has never really been something I've strived for but I am happy to have been recognized for being #1 in our office of almost 200 amazing agents. I can truly say that this wouldn't have happened for me if weren't for many of the agents in our office. That's the beautiful thing about being a part of Keller Williams...because of the profit share model that's built in to this company, each agent is inclined to help each other because we all want our office to be more profitable. The way we become more profitable is by doing an outstanding job in representing our Las Vegas home buyers, sellers, and investors. The way we get better at helping our clients is by helping each other internally at #KWLV!

I was able to close 9 deals with over $1.5 million dollars in sales by myself without an assistant. I know I have the ability to do that kind of volume efficiently and effectively because of the training and environment that Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas provides. I am truly proud to be a partner at this office; the last 2 years have been amazing and I'm looking forward to what the future has in store! I am so happy to have been able to help those who trusted me to get the job done and either help them buy or sell a property here in Las Vegas or Henderson in July 2016!

Mr. Danny Phee was born and raised in Las Vegas and started selling real estate on the Las Vegas strip in 2008. He decided to move into the residential market in Southern Nevada in 2012. He takes pride in the fact that when a client decides utilize his representation in buying or selling a Las Vegas property that it's all about THEM and THEIR wants and needs. These awards are a product of that philosophy.
For more info on buying or selling a home in Las Vegas please visit DannyPhee.com or call/text 702-354-1355

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